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Best place for a Lotus Service around Nottingham

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Hi all

Very new to this - got my lotus Elise S2 17/11/2018

still learning how to get in & out...:blink:

Would you recommend a place to service my Elise in or around Nottingham



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From where you are  Gav at unit4 it's an easy drive and he is a great guy, he services mine every year I drive up from 10 miles south of Birmingham  well worth it and he won't  rip you off.

As for the colour of your car great choice SNAP.

(All you need now is all the optional white stone chips round the front.)

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Slightly late on this one...blame Christmas...but I'd recommend PJS. Quality of their work is always excellent and the added benefit that, as a Lotus-approved service agent, they have access to all factory data/records.

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23 hours ago, Monkey said:

Thanks Timbo... I was actually wondering about the Lotus Approved Stamp.. Cheers 

Always good to have on record from a selling/buying angle :)

PJS also print out a 'health check' list when they carry out a service so you have a paper copy of condition. And there's always something interesting in their workshop to have a look at too...

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