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Front calliper rebuild for an Elise S2

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I’ve been looking for a while for someone that rebuilds the AP calipers, and have half resigned myself to the fact that I’ll be doing it myself. Has anyone got any recommendations for somewhere, preferably near Worcrster that can replace seals etc?

The seals on the inboard pistons seem to have extruded into the bores and jammed the pistons. 

Cheers in advance!


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I'd give it a go yourself. There is very little to it tbh - well as long as you an extract the pistons! Are they jammed even when they are on the car? Keep them connected to the brake lines, take them off the mounts so the disk is out of the way and press the brake pedal to push the piston out?

You can get refub kits such as this:


This has pistons too but if you don;t need new pistons and the rest of your calipers such as the bleed nipples, pad plate and pins etc are all OK, then you only need the o-ring seals. https://www.eliseparts.com/products/show/23/665/ap-brake-caliper-seals/


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Cheers, I did think about doing it myself but was a bit concerned that I’d not be able to get the piston out before the other piston completely escaped, because that one moves just fine. 

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