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Interview with Jean-Marc Gales

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There's a good interview with Jean-Marc Gales in this month's CAR magazine.  The article is called "Upmarket: That's Where The Market Goes".  Brace yourselves....

He talks openly about the future plans, which (sadly) do not include an Elise replacement.  Nope, the next model releases will be a combined Exige/Evora replacement, plus a brand new top-of-the-range supercar - effectively an Esprit-like halo car.  Volvo engines could become the norm too.

Also due around 2022 is an SUV, possibly sharing some components with Volvo's CMA platform (used by the XC40), but integrated into a lightweight Lotus-specific platform.

As mentioned previously, the company is moving firmly up market, which, in pure business terms, is a very smart move (the prime example being McLaren) , but for loyal enthusiasts of the world's best "affordable" sports cars, it is very bad news indeed.

Of course, these were JMG's plans, and new Lotus CEOs tend to have a habit of hoovering up and re-decorating, so.... here we go again!!

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