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the ref

Break light high one

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Probably a dodgy earth in one of the lights or possibly an abraded wire causing a short. Much more likely the earth thing.

Connect a long wire to the negative terminal of the battery and use the other end to touch on the metal earth connections of the light units to provide a known good earth return at the lights. If that fixes it them check the actual connections looking for any corroded terminals or wobbly stuff. If that doesn't help then check all the wiring thoroughly for obvious tears, nicks rubs through to copper etc. Any old wire of decent thickness is fine for the flying earth lead test. A jump lead if you've nothing more specific.

Don't poke the earth onto anything live like a bulb positive terminal, you will fuse something or worse. If this all sounds like japanese then don't bother, take all the bits out to get access then go to an auto electrician where it'll be a five minute job.




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