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Brake Caliper - S2 K Series Elise

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Hi all,


I was wondering if anyone else could verify/confirm that the brake calipers on the Elise are the same as that on a Laguna? Seems abit odd to me but there is a thread on one of the forums which states this. 


Just wondering if this is correct as I am in need of a replacement rear passenger caliper. (Handbrake is sticking) and although I am cleaning it up to loosen I don't think this will be sufficient. 


Of course any other ideas would be appreciated. Would like to be able to use the car so any quick fixes which are reliable would be great. (I really don't want to risk anything with the brakes) 





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I just part ex'd my rears at SJ Sportscars for new + cash. I'm sure Steve would do something for a reconditioned one too.

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      Hi all, I’ve been at this about an hour but so far no luck. I’ve got a pair of front callipers to fit to my 2001 S2 Elise, but I’m having some trouble getting the hydraulic fitting undone. It seems to be seized in solid. Has anyone got any tips for what I can try? I guess it’s not been undone in 19 years and has corroded in to the aluminium body of the caliper. I’ve tried hitting it with a copper mallet, hitting the spanner with said mallet and also hearing it with a blow torch. I’m being quite careful with the latter as I’m acutely aware that there’s a rubber hose coming out of the fitting. 


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