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Nlc - Lister Bell Stratos Build Thread

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as I'm still waiting for stuff and bored shitless I decided to redo my cam covers. Wrinkle black is so last year! So is matte bronze (looks brown) the new black?


I quite like it I think. Think it looks more 'period' for some reason. Mind you this colour is everywhere at the moment, it might date quite quickly.

Also had the 'head' of the starter motor black Cerakoted and as it lives under the exhaust manifold I've put some nice gold heat reflective foil on it.



Have also replaced all the a/c hose with Easton E Z Clip stuff which is smaller diameter. Because I damaged the others with a drill wall.gif


And the modified versions to fit the AC compressor. Lines covered in black fire sleeve.


Also got a Momo Prototipo steering wheel, looks more period I reckon.



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Well after very many years/months the application for an IVA test is in. Pretty much finished, couple of little bits to do but almost ready to roll! Suspension now set up. Car looked over an

Solution found. Custom valve retention caps. £12 each. 2-3 weeks.

ITBs on and changed the bolts holding the coil adapters on to low cap heads from button heads Fuel rails back from being coated in a titanium colour ceramic coating (not full zircotec type stuf

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Right,  know you're all probably bored rigid with this b now (I'm getting there tbh). But I feel I should keep things updated.

Managed to spend some time on the car this weekend. First time in ages.

All interior bits now fully trimmed. LB's trimmers eally do a great job.

Sorted out the centre console and footwell dividers.

Made a little 'cubbly hole' in the centre console. Gives a bit of storage for a wallet, smaller phone. Made of aluminium, coated in self-adhesive felt. It houses a double USB power output. The small steel rivnuts hold the front edge of the inner bit onto the centre console and 2 small cylinder magnets fitted to the lid locate in them.

Think it turned out quite well.....





Then fitted the footrest insert to the footwell divider


Then fitted it in place.


View from the passenger side (before it fitted the passenger footrest).


Then moved on to a job I've not been looking forward to, fitting the windows.

The window pivots at the rear and a guide at the from runs down a slot cut into the door card.

The rear pivots are nice CNC ally bits with a 3D printed part bolted to them.


The front piece is a 3d printed part bolted through holes in the window


The rear pivot bolts to the inner door skin


The fixings (now countersunk into the skin unlike in this pic) are hidden by the door card once fitted.


The front fixing is fitted with a 'wheel' that clamps the window fixing to the door card to hold it in position.




Window fitted and closed


and open..........not that it opens much! lol.gif


Only managed to do one and it needs a bit of fiddling and adjusting to line it up properly and to get to seal round the door seal rubber. Next one should be a lot quicker now I know what to do.

Interior starting to look almost done! Handbrake was chrome but had it cerakoted in sating black. Also did the same with the inner door pulls, still need to fit the handles. They were chrome and the scallops were satin ali.





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Wow what a astonishing build Leigh. Sure the Stratos is the car that led me to become the petrol head i am today after my old man took to watch the1975 RAC in Sherwood Forest and watching Bjorn Waldegard go past minus the rear Clam and the sound of the V6 still lives with me today.


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Thanks Scot. That's a very famous picture!

I would love to say mine would sound the same but the Alfa V6 has a longer stroke than the Dino engine and can't match it's high pitch 'wail'!!

I do have a second exhaust with very small silencers so it should make a semi-decent noise, if I ever get the damn thing on the road 🙄


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On 10/03/2021 at 21:23, Dr H said:

Wow! Never knew it had come through Ashby, even way back in 1975!

There used to be stages around Bardon quarry.

Car's looking great too! 😉

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I've been having issues with the paint job, which at this stage is soul destroying. Seems to be an issue with the colour coat adhering to the primer/undercoat. Seems to chip off far too easily. The doors are back at the painters being checked and having some damage repaired.  There is a small chance the car needs to be repainted but I really can't face that.....so I'm ignoring it at the moment.

Notwithstanding paint issues I've been working away.

Windscreen fitted and wiper mech all set up.


Double glazed rear window made and fitted. Just needs surround for the internal side but fits really well.



Mudflaps fitted



I damaged the finish on the dash to had to take it out, unwire it, strip and recover before re-assembling it all.......wall.gif


Both seats now in. Passenger seat was a real git to fit. The position of the holes in the floor and the position of the seat frame on the seat meant it was far too close to the centre tunnel. In fact it was pushing up against it to the point of trying to bend it.....I've had to mess about and bodge to fit but I'm still not happy. Will be getting a custom set of non-adjustable seat rails made and fitted. No need for passenger seat to adjust anyway.



'Italian' air horns fitted and a new cut-off relay. Thus is no longer a 'kill' switch that dumps residual current if the engine is running, it's simply an isolation latching relay. Works from a mom-off-mom switch in the cabin. Works really well and draws zero-current when off as the relay latches. The last one pulled current when in the 'off' position to keep the relay in position.


Most of the paint is still on it.........









Just a short snagging list now really.


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Absolutely stunning Leigh, I know you've had many trials and tribulations along the way but you should be rightly proud of what you've achieved. 👏

Really looking forward to seeing it sometime soon 👍

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