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Dr H

Nlc - Lister Bell Stratos Build Thread

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You only live once. 😊

Will have to pop over at some time to see this. May give me motivation to refurb my Exige or get a Land Rover 2a. 😄

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Daniel from Calibrated performance was over today.

Motec ECU and modified loom fitted. Now running twin lambdas. Also running the new ITB linkages but we have problem with them and they won't open beyond 80% as the force needed as the ITB arms get towards horizontal (which they should be at WOT) is too much for the motor wall.gif

So tomorrow's mapping will not be the final thing beat.gif will be fine to get it all sorted for IVA etc. Will have to modify the linkages and then get Daniel to redo the map - but he might be able to this remotely over the net rather than me having to wait for him to come back to the UK again.

Manifolds went a nice colour though!



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