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Nlc - Lister Bell Stratos Build Thread

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Well after very many years/months the application for an IVA test is in. Pretty much finished, couple of little bits to do but almost ready to roll! Suspension now set up. Car looked over an

Solution found. Custom valve retention caps. £12 each. 2-3 weeks.

ITBs on and changed the bolts holding the coil adapters on to low cap heads from button heads Fuel rails back from being coated in a titanium colour ceramic coating (not full zircotec type stuf

Posted Images

Not much more visual progress to show at the moment. Been sorting out wiring at the front of the car (or should I say paying some to do it). Think it's just about done now but having problems with working out the wiper motor and stalks connections. I have 3 sets of fiat X1/9 column stalks and 2 of them have faults in them. The new replica ones has one connection that just doesn't;t work and one of the original sets has a dodgy high beam connection. Hopefully will be sorted soon.

Ended up adding in a few extras. Keyless starting system, reversing sensors, heated seat and the facility (from the keyless box of tricks) to remotely open the boot from the electronic fob.

Flywheel should be with me at the end of this week so next week all the engine bits will be there and it can start being assembled.

Once the engine is in the electrics chap will make me a custom loom for my new ECU - that arrived today:


Nice and small



Loads of nice functionality. Might be a good option for use on Lotus as an alternative to Emerald.


Managed to work out how to get the horn to work on the push rather than using a dash button. Not that difficult really. Bend one of the contacts on the stalks to touch the slip ring on the rear of the hub. Drill and tap a small hole in the end of the steering column shaft (small hole already there used as a centre in the manufacturing process), attach a ring tab terminal to this hole and put wire between that terminal on the free one on the back of the horn push. When the wheel turns the horn push and column turn together so the wire between the 2 stays stationary in relative terms.

Tidied a lot of the wiring up with convoluted conduit.

Took the engine block and other bits back to Alitech to be re-measured and allow more work on the DBW actuator. That should be all sorted in the next few weeks.

Pedal potentiometer, BMW DBW actuator and ECU will now go to the electrics guy for him to work out the wiring for it and bench test it.

Will post more pics when there is something to show - most probably an engine or the inlet manifolds.

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More new (old stock parts).

Been having trouble with the used Fiat X1/9 column stalks I bought. Got 2 sets and both had dodgy connections in them that made them intermittent. And You can't take them apart to check / clean /fix them.

Was perusing eBay the other night and found these:




Can't be many sets of these still around! Well over 30 years old I reckon.

Checked them out and all the contacts seem to work. clap.gif

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Got to love ebay


They look cool, brand new but with a nice nod to a time gone by when stuff was made well and worked.


I think you're getting confused. These are original 1970s Italian electrics - they were never made well and very often didnlt work laugh.png

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I think you're getting confused. These are original 1970s Italian electrics - they were never made well and very often didnlt work laugh.png

My thoughts too, from a time when England (Lucas) and Italy did battle over who could produce the crappiest electrics! Great to see NOS though!

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Still no flywheel, so still no engine 1532.gif

Literally run out of things to do now. Have been talking stuff to bits and re-doing it just to keep occupied.

Got the tyres on the wheels now though.




Also added an extra bracket to the fuel tank after getting some comments about the welded tabs and possible fatigue issues. Will post a picture later.

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Flywheel has arrived! can now go to Dave (the engine builder) and things can be bolted together hopefully!

Original 8kg Alfa 3.2 GTA flywheel on right. TTV 6.5kg version on left.





New bracket for the fuel tank. I've left the tabs on and added a 3mm stainless bracket that attached to the fuel pump mounting ring. This then bolts to the chassis with the rubber nut thingy I put in for the tabs. Now it matter not if the tabs fatigue as this bracket is very sturdy and will hold everything in place on it's own.




More work on the electrics this weekend.

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I've got to stop looking at this thread Leigh! I'm watching way too much Stratos videos at the minute, I'll be in flares and rally jackets next...


What have you found to be the most difficult to obtain and or expensive parts so far? Are you content with the build quality of the kit? How have you found having no build manual?


I have to say I'm really looking forward to you getting it on the road, I bet it'll sound fabulous.

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Kurt - you are first in line for a passenger ride / drive. It's your f**king fault I'm building it laugh.png


There aren't that many parts used form the donor car and the X1/9 to be honest. Price of some X1/9 bits have gone mad because of the Stratos replica market. Worst ones are door handles and targa roof catches that are used as the body catches on the Stratos. Luckily I got them about 12 months ago for sensible money. I got a set of brand new door handles form a supplier in Holland.


The column stalks are getting almost impossible to get now. But I got a brand new set (old stock) clap.gif


Lights and other stuff is all available either through LB or other sources as they were used on a range of Fiats and Lancias form the 70s. All available brand new. LB are also manufacturing some other bits like steering columns.


Quality of the Lister kit is great to be honest. There have been a few small issues but nothing that a bit of fettling hasnlt sorted out. Some of the build has been a bit difficult due to lack of a 'manual'. Pics form LB, plus visits to collect bits and advice form others has helped. There are some small issues that they know about so could be sorted in future kits but nothing major.


Overall a very enjoyable experience I reckon. Just wish it was going a bit quicker. But then again it's allowed me to be very particular with the build! smile.png


Got this from the guy making the manifolds today. They are on the machine cool.png



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