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Nlc - Lister Bell Stratos Build Thread

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Solution found. Custom valve retention caps. £12 each. 2-3 weeks.

ITBs on and changed the bolts holding the coil adapters on to low cap heads from button heads Fuel rails back from being coated in a titanium colour ceramic coating (not full zircotec type stuf

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Collecting suspension tomorrow - I've been waiting for the new shocks Nitron have developed for them smile.png. Means the build is slow but I'll get all the latest / best bits!


Still waiting on brake bells and rotors as they are not ready yet. They are getting some lighter rotors made than the previous ones they supplied.


Once the suspension is on I'll post some pics. Still only a chassis with some bits bolted on really so don;t expect anything amazing!

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They were supposed to be fitted yesterday but came across an issue. I need a 1/2 reamer to ream out the front chassis mounts before the bolts will fit though. I don't have one (or a 1/2 drill).


Had to order one and can't do owt till it arrives.

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Progress slower than expected but  mostly because of waiting on parts etc.

Engine build not complete yet but hopefully in the next couple of weeks.

Waiting on wheels, exhaust amd some other bits from LB.

Should have some of the wiring (except engine) all sorted by the end of the weekend. This will be basic stuff as the dash won't go in unil after the engine is set up. Also the engine loom is going to be a bespoke job. That can only be done one the engine is in the chassis.

Gearbox should be rebuilt soon - Mr Webster sent me a pic today. Amazing what a bit of blasting can do clap.gif



Engine bay waiting for it's V6


A front Corner


Front end is pretty much completed. Just a heater ducting,  connect some silicone hose and a bit of wiring to go. Then crimp up all the AC hoses.





Wiring in front bulkhead / cabin


Overall chassis


Gear stick, handbrake and column stalks all in.


I have 100s of pictures of stuff I've bene doing. Ive deviated slightly from the kit to do my own thing in places such as hard brakelines and clutch line which has meant having bits laser cut and sourcing parts. I've also sourced an electric heater byplass valve from the states instaed of the cable operated one.


I've also spent shit loads on a fuel pump system that needs modding to fit the tank. Inlet / outlet looks so cool though cool.png




The mods have meant haveing the wiring redone and having a new bracket laser cut. It comes with a foam tuble and baffle that fits around it to prevent fuel surge. Also putting foam into the tank to half heigh.


It's these deviations that are taking time and costing money...............


And remember there is no build manual for this kit blink.png


Once I have th brake discs, wheels and engine I can make some big steps! I want to get this moving quicker bangin.gif

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Progess update - or not as the case may be!


Still waiting for the engine and box to be built. All bits have now been cleaned down and checked. Heads have been skimmed. Currently having a custom billet flywheel made that's due in a couple of weeks. Once that's here then the bottom end can be fully assembled and dynamically balanced.

Having custom ITB manifolds made by Alitech, they place that did the amazing CNC gear shifter sold in a group buy on SELOC.




ITBs ordered form Jenvey and waiting delivery of those. So Alitech can model them up and design the linkages. Just bought a BMW DBW actuator that we are going to try and use for the ITBs.

Using a set of injectors from Ducati motorbikes. Sending them off to be flow tested to make sure all 6 match OK.

Fuel tank being modified to include different fixing tabs as I'm doing something slightly different to standard. Cam covers being modded to have AN fittings welded on for the breather to the catch tank.

Need to get the shocks off and change the top mounts as Nitron have sent some modified ones.

Wheels should arrive with Lister Bell on the 14th October. So will go over and collect those, the steering column (new design), drive shafts, and the bells and rotors for the brakes.

All wiring at the front end (including some added extras like central locking and key-less push button start) will be completed the weekend of the 14th October.

Then it should be a case of getting the engine in, making a wiring loom and trying to start it!

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