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France Trip


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Kick of with Lemans then Dijon then finished of at Arras ,

What a car lots of interest people taken photos even driving around Paris that's was fun not but van drivers taking photos .

Back home tomorrow the wash and polish .









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Nice pic's looks like a good trip, watched Le Mans for the first time this year via the app, got a German roadtrip in August looking forward to it.


Car looks fantastic like the 24h sticker

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Ok point taken post up in a couple of days .

Did have a close near miss thankyou to the Frence lorry driver who used his horn and opened his door to stop a car over taking both of use and hit a tractor in front of me head on that was a close one .

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Last time I went I saw a guy at Dover in a s1 exige and then nothing for the rest of the trip



Going to have to take the exige through reims next time and have some photos outside the old pits.

This was my attempt a couple of years ago 1b49e182bc31fd6a6f0dfa4e16292cc1.jpg



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Riems.......that's where I wanna go next time.....

I too did France this year 4000 miles in 2 weeks......

loved it........saw one lotus.......and that was in heavy traffic on the pariferique going in the opposite direction.......


Id say the French are more courteous drivers than us (general populous......they are all happy moving it on rather than dawdling).....their motorways are 2 lanes.....and everyone sits in the outer lane and overtakes on the inner....returning immediately to the outer lane........


if only someone had thought about that here.........instead of having the middle lane designated 'private' for the 40~50mph drivers.....

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Some awesome roads around the area, we drove many back roads as you can see from the state of the car, there was mud coming out the vents behind the front wheels.


Hope Calais will be better in a months time

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