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Robo Elise

The 2Bular Has Arrived!

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I ordered it on the 14th August and it arrived today so pretty quick. I have noticed a few people complain about long delivery times from Jim but I can't. He was really helpful whenever I had to phone him and he kept his promise on delivery. Really well made as well and packaged carefully. All the best with your system.

It'll never stay that shiny if you fit it :rolleyes:

It was well shiny! Think Jim gives them a good once over before sending them.

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Well I've had it fitted this morning and all I can say is it sounds awesome!! Couldn't stop smiling all the way home which was the long way as well!

No boom or drone on a steady throttle at all but a glorious howl under acceleration. Kept thinking I was in a different car. I think the double tips look better than the oval on my old exhaust. The old one was definately the standard one even though it had an oval tip.

Only regret is I should have fitted one 3 years ago when I bought the car. I have also been told it will get slightly louder as time goes on. Bonus!!!

Can honestly recommend Jim at 2Bular. He really knows his stuff

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