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Cleaning The Pipes!

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So I may have slipped off the Lotus ladder but I'm still lurking here! I have to say, I'm really enjoying the 335i coupé - 400Nm of torque is quite a hand full, even with 265 tyres at the back! I'm certainly learning a different way to approach corners that's for sure! ;)


Anyway, the previous owners of my Beema obviously looked after it and spent a shed load of cash  'improving' it, but they seem to have neglected the exhausts. What's the best way to clean up years of soot from the tail pipes?


With a bit of hard graft I can clean up the top of it, but the bottom and underside are still a bit shabby. Any ideas/product recommendations on how to clean these up?





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Hi Jon,


Good to hear you're still enjoying the BM!


I've tried all sorts and have been most impressed with Chemical Guys Metal Shine. This is quite a useful thread for some tips:




If I'm feeling in a real GJOB mood I have used a dremel with appropriate tool to get a good finish - and I may have once removed the entire back box to clean it properly ninja.gif

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If it is a standard exhaust you need to be careful as they are not stainless and the coating can be quite thin.


Peek paste is good for getting rid of the worst but before you do (assuming you don't have any tar remover) spray some wd40 on it, it will resolve the tar which is likely to be most of the stuff stuck to the underside.


Then do the peek


Then keep on top with some meguires metal polish, has only a very slight cut to it.


And don't forget to do the insides

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