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Back On The Road Again

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The elise had been off the road since Mayday bank holidaysad.png . She had developed a missfire and had to be tralored home. A number of faults were possible causes as the cat warning light was comming on.

I switched the cat bypass pipe back on and Martin R came over and checked and replaced a few sensors but with no success. I had a couple of holidays planned in this country so i thought the car would have to wait till i had some spare cash.

 I gave Mike from Sports car services a call a couple of weeks ago and he popped over with his fault reader but could not pinpoint the cause, so i managed to limp the car over to his garage for him to have a proper look. It turned out to be a combination of small faults. He replaced the coil packs, repaired a dry joint in the wiring loom and bypassed the misssfire protection system. She is now back homeclap.gif


 So a big thanks to Mike and thanks to all those that gave advice when she limped onto the stand at the kit car show at Stonleigh in May.


 Now i have got her back on the road, summer seems to have finishedbangin.gif

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Good to hear! Dan was asking after you the other day and wondering how you were getting on. I told him you'd likely rather be buried with that car than sell it! smile.png


Lol. You know me too welllaugh.png


How are you both keeping?  Havent been on here much recently. We seem to be playing catch up financialy after my year and a bit off work. Its just nice to be back on the road again.

 We took a spirited drive out through shropshire, north wales and the evo triangle today. It was really nice getting to know the car again. Like meeting up with an old mate. Good timesdrive1.gif

 Its almost 10 years since we adopted our elise. I plan on at least another 10 yearssmile.png


 We have made far too many good friends through the car to let her go easily. Just sorry to have missed Chatsworth.

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