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J M Stott

Vents And 'grills'

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Hi all,


I am hoping that in my spare time over the next couple of weeks to try and remove all the vents and grills from around my Elise S2, they are starting to look very grey and lack some TLC, going to give them all a vamp and also been recommended spraying them jet black (possible with hammerite) as they will look 100 times better.


Now does anybody have any tips on how to remove any of the grills? I know the front 3 come of with ease but dont know the best way to remove the rest (if indeed you can) as i know the ones of the radiator seem to be bonded on (can these be removed, would you reccommend it) and the rear ones next to the lights, can they even be removed?


Any hints and instructions would be much appreciated :)


Think I'll take the oppertunity to give it a good old buff all round lol



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