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Mgf 135 Cams - Part Numbers?

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Hi guys,


Im in the process of building up a new engine for my elise and while I'm at it am trying to purchase some MGF 135 cams, as I've heard they give a bit of power gains.


My question is does anyone know what part numbers I require? After hours of searching the internet I've seen 4 different part numbers for these so would appreciate a bit of clarification if anyone is aware?



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There does appear to be some confusion. It might arise from the fact the S1 Elise ( EU2 engine ) needs one with a spigot on the end for the dizzy drive. IIRC the S2 ( EU3 engine ) does not have the spigot but has camshaft sensor actuator on it that the S1 does not need?


It might be worth an email to Dave Andrews. he may have a couple of good second hand ones for sale if you are lucky.




Reading that will keep you busy for a bit :)



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