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Want To Become A Director? Plus Mloc Agm - Friday June 13Th

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Dear Members,
As MLOC is approaching the end of another year of being a Limited company and having a Board of Directors, we are now in a position to confirm this years AGM (date previously announced in the events section here).

The meeting will be held on the evening of Friday 13th June at The Bowling Green pub in Litchfield (http://www.emberinns.co.uk/the-bowling-green-lichfield/) and we will aim to kick things off at 7:30pm. All 'Club Members' are permitted and encouraged to attend.
To give a brief background, the Directors meet once a month (via Google Hangouts) to discuss the running of the club, advertising, how to progress the involvement of members and help organise events. It is not a paid role, and we simply get enjoyment out of helping this club continue its development.
The main reason for MLOC becoming a Ltd company was for us to be able to apply for MSA Club Membership. This would mean that we could apply for licences to hold our own events in our own right and apply for Certificate of Exemptions for 'MLOC Runs'. This was successfully achieved and now the club is looking to take the next step and bring back the monthly runs.

Over the last 12 months we have seen the club grow at a very strong pace, and with the current Directors we have all played a part, large or small, in aiding this growth. We hope this progress has not gone un-noticed, and whist we are all keen to continue on the Board, we are now asking all members if they are interested in becoming a Director themselves. We are looking for members with enthusiasm, ideas, and just a few minutes each month to help keep this club moving in the right direction.

There are no specific roles for each Director, however this year we have often found our niche in what we can help with. In general the roles are, in no particular order:

Club memorabilia
MSA certification/licences
Website maintenance and development

There are plenty of opportunities to help out, and most of us had little or no experience in running a club like this before, but we have all supported each other when it was required.

If you would like to be considered to become a Director we would love to hear from you. All nominees will be put to a vote at the AGM where we will be updating all attendees on the progress on the club and upcoming events, etc. I will point out that only paid members with the title 'Club Member' are allowed to vote (them's the rules!), however anyone can put themselves forward to join the Board.

(If you are not a Club Member, but would like to join, click here: Become a member!)


Either add your name to this thread or send us an email to directors@midlandslotus.co.uk if you have any questions.




The Directors;

Mark, Darryl, Stuart, Chris, Bill, Paul, Guy & Jon.

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Just a bump to try and get a bit more interest for people to help out as a director, its not a lot of work but all is appreciated :)

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And very satisfying, I've been helping out with the advertising and its been fun speaking to Lotus fans who make a living out of Lotus/performance cars.


It will be good to get some new faces with fresh ideas for the club on board.

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If you are considering doing this please do give it a go. We're not looking for a lot of commitment, just a few minutes a month to help mloc prosper.


So that people are aware, due to the way mloc has been setup, directors have no financial liability and we are fully insured through the MSA policy designed for clubs like ours.

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Are there any more people planning on attending the AGM?


If you are intending to be there, can you click the "I'm attending" button on the calendar entry please - I need to let the pub know how many attendees there will be.




PS: If you are interested in becoming a director, please email directors@midlandslotus.co.uk so that your name can be put forward at the AGM.

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