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P4N Lotus

Any Good Seat Trimmers?

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I've gone out to several companies typically it's around £700-£800 per pair, Best prices seem to be £230-£400+ vat per seat should anyone want to know for future. There are hundreds of quality supplier out there trimming for various manufactures and independents all reputable and workmanship is all credible so you just have to shop around these days never take the first quote always shop around go out to a minimum of 5 companies, some companies are charging the earth and must be making massive markups or have huge overheads the average price gaps to the top prices make no sense - to suggest one persons/company work is better over others Is a naive stance from any supplier - there are plenty of quality providers out there offering competitive rates

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Well, I've booked the Evora in for seat retrim and matching mats at Auto-trim.co.uk of Leicester , poped down to see them today, have to say they were really accommodating and their customer service was excellent, met Lee and Darren both were top guys and showed me around the office factory and work shop got to see the work going on on current vehicles as well as various seats a nice Lamborghini seat finishes looked very nice , saw a rare Scimitar being completely having retrim restoration looked great was really impressed with what I saw and the examples and overall experience was very good, will report further once it's complete but I was really


Ive gone for a very modern combination and requested added padding for more comfort hopefully it will set off the car and make look delicious

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