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Support For The Closed Road Initiative

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Please see below a very important message from Richard Egger. Richard is quite right in highlighting that the follow up of responses to the Road Closure Initiative has been very poor. Figures quoted are that at the initial announcement of the consultation some 19,000 people downloaded information from the MSA website, but to date there has only been around 2000 responses - and these are not necessarily from those supporting the initiative.


It is not just a matter of having more responses than any opposition, it is also about demonstrating to the Government that there is clear and overwhelming support to justify the expense and time to get the legislation through, against a whole host of other legislation they have to deal with. If this doesn't go through now the opportunity could be lost to us for many years or possibly never again. This is not a time either to quibble about what we may think about the MSA.


The process of responding is as simple as Richard suggests. Follow the link, www.msauk.org/site/cms/newsarticle.asp?chapter=1&nid=1620, copy and paste the questions and responses into an email and send it off to msc@culture.gsi.gov.uk.


It is in our hands.


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