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P4N Lotus

A Year On - Evora Review

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Thought I'd give some feedback a year into Evora ownership...


First time I saw it I knew I had to have one, eventually became a proud owner 12 months ago, and now a year in I can say I still get that same feeling from day 1 each time I get into it. The drive is fantastic and I use it as my daily drive, it's comfortable enough for this and quick enough for me still. Ill list positives and negatives as honestly as I can should anyone consider buying one...



- chrome rear light clusters prone to corrosion (got mine replaced under warranty so I'm happy)

- standard exhaust is far too quiet (changed for a sports one still wasn't happy, so changed to a bespoke supersport zorst now I'm very happy)

- Seats could be better, leather wears and so you have to look after them (recarro is to blame)

- transmission noise cant be chattery (it's from an toyota Auris turbo diesel)

- sport button, and light buttons are obstructed behind steering wheel storks

- satnav isn't the easiest to use

- my cruise control had a fault and was replaced under warranty apparently common fault

- rear tyre wear is very heavy

- had one of my dash covers pop up (fixed under warranty) common problem

- rear alloys can damage really easily even with the protective walled tyres (m01 Lot)

- aestetic on the elec window buttons is amber and don't match the red accents used on other lighting , only noticed that recently but it bugged me, other than that that's as harsh as I can be

- car gets too much attention (yes people will photo and film you in the street it's bizarre - pros and cons)

- cant remove the roof in summer (but its so much warmer in winter and rain)



- gets lots of attention, random people giving you waves, thumbs up, and talking to you at the light and at petrol stations

- for me the car looks incredible, the way it flows looks amazing from pretty much every angle, it also has one of the nicest rears I've seen in a while still retains much influence from the Elise too.

- handling and ride is also incredible, it's absorbs bumps on uk roads really well and doesn't compromise on performance either, Clarkson said it was the only car which felt like a sofa and a killer attack dog, its true.

- grip is brilliant , you can take corners much much quicker than you think and accelerate in a corner and it grips more - brilliant

- performance is excellent I'm happy with the power, off the mark its rapid.

- sport mode button is excellent, increases the revs, and also throws in additional throttle on gear changes so you get this kinda of turbo sensation feeling from it with loads of torque

- road tax on the N/a is reasonable considering its a v6

- running costs are ok, probably not much more than an Elise if I'm honest, slightly more tax and slightly more on petrol

- get about 32-36mpg on motorways and 24-26mpg urban and hammering it is about 18-19mpg

- insurance for some reason, it's cheaper than an Elise or ford focus to insure.

- car is lovely and warm In the winter and its so nice

- lower sill makes it easier to get in and out of than the Elsie and exige

- loads of space in back if you have a 2+0 means you have a nice size boot that fits in a set of golf clubs and also have a nice rear seat area enough to fit two weekend bags in easily

- tech pack is excellent and a must have just for the rear camera , stereo and sub woofer is excellent

- sport ratio gearbox is also great to have and you could easily live with just third gear as the torque is great

- refinement , people have moaned about refinement but I think it's great, it's equally on par with Mercedes better than BMWs these days, I think the only people who moan about refinement are people who are used to driving really luxury cars, my boss has a morgan aero8 and he said the evora interior felt much more refined and luxurious compared to the morgan

- cabin feels like you are in some spaceship or stealth bomber fighter jet.

- little design touches like alluminum centre column, alluminum inner car locks in the interior and the way the dash wraps around you makes the car feel much more high end than it is.

- it's a pleasure to drive and it puts a huge smile on my face everytime I get in to it , even more so since I stuck on my new exhaust but I can't really attribute that to lotus


Every Day drivers... Elise or an Evora? If we lived in an all year round hot country definitely an Elise just because you can go topless all year, considering our countries unpredictable weather the Evora was best option for me , although I may save up for an Elise or Seven just for those odd summer days we have ;)

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Nice write up. Not jealous, at all!


Just wish there were a few more on the second hand market. Just not enough of them sold. For the sake of shifting more cars, lotus really have to make their cars photogenic. Evora looks great in the flesh, but that's not enough in this market.

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Can I add one more to your list smile.png


After having the pleasure of driving one (thanks G smile.png ) there is, in my opinion, no better sounding engine in a Lotus than the V6 - and that inlcudes the Honda which I would defend to the hilt as being my favourite all round engine in the Elise!


If I ever wanted a fast road car (and had the money) the Evora would definitely be one of the top 3.

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I will have to take an Evora out .... I keep looking at the Evora 400 and thinking ... WANT! (Once they come down in price 2nd hand)



Not so sure I want to give up on the Honda Liz and the to do list that keeps growing (SC is getting closer).

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