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Need To Order New Battery Tonight

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Yeah have seen those. Trouble is my 340R doesn't have clamps and battery posts it has eyelets on the end of the battery cables and uses a bolt into the battery terminals like these:



Could you fit a kill switch under the access panel or in the cockpit.

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I need a new battery and am tempted to try the Odyssey battery. An earlier link from the Active Robot site points to a cost of £141 inc Vat. Here is another link i have found from the Battery Megastore.




Is this the same battery as its only £86 inc Vat?


Also, would be good to here how your project went richbk. :)

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      I could do with an indoor car cover for the elise. It will be coming home soon with new paint and I don't want it damaged.
      There is a window in the garage so uv light might be a teeny issue but mostly it is to protect it from the cats that like to walk all over it.
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      I am after a harness bar for my s2 but don't want to buy the wrong one. Do any of you have any recommendations? I will be using a bolt-in harness on the driver's side only, probably with some sort of motorsport seat.
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