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Adding Aircon To A K Series S2

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I have had a question from a potential purchaser of my car about the cost of getting aircon fitted (i get the impression he is based in a hot country where aircon would be essential). My gut feel is that this would not be cost efficient mod (if it is even possible), but has anyone ever looked into this in the past?




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Hi Chris,


It would be possible but would be expensive. I am not sure who would take on the job. I am afraid it would be much more cost effective to buy an Elise with air con fitted,


The air con car has a large amount of alloy pipes running from the compressor on the side of the engine. The condenser sits under the rad and you need special brackets and the holes to match on the Rad itself. You can use Lotus rubber pipes as a retrofit to run through the sills.


Slightly different wiring loom, with extra relay, an extra control box on one wing, pressure switch and a receiver sat above the Bergstorm HVAC. This has a valve sat on top of the aircon pipes going into the HVAC.


If your car does not have the Bergstorm with the face level centre vents its a non starter. I wouldn't expect much change from 3k.


However, the air con struggles in hot weather if your stuck in traffic and most people would have their roof off anyway. Tell the buyer this!

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Do they know the windows can be lowered? ;)

Can be done but expensive and not worth it over buying a car with it already.

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