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Quick Part Number

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I'm after a part number for the plastic cover that sits over the electrics on the front end of the Elise/EXige

Its covers important bits like the abs Unit. It sits higher than the radiator. I've had a look at pictures etc but no luck. Any help would be great.


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I've got an exige does that make any difference. That looks like it could be the right part though. Didn't know it was in two sections though.


Im wondering if its number 30 instead

30 1 B122K0001K Shroud, radiator, one piece Exige

30a 1 C120B0250F Shroud, radiator, one piece Elise, 2011 MY

31 2 A111W6592F Captive Nut, M8, big hd., housing to clamshell Bonded to housing

32 2 A075M6145F Hose Clip, hose to chassis pipes

33 2 A120B0396F Cap, radiator housing Bonded to cut-down towers - Elise, 2011 MY

34 1 A082L6159Z Grommet, pipe through chassis front, RH

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