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Elise Repairs Any Recommendations

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HI peeps


I am wondering if any body on here could advise on where to take my S2 for repair. I have front and rear clam damage. I am based in Liverpool and would prefer somewhere local if possible. Also any rough ideas on cost as I may just buy replacement clams. If that is the case is there anyone selling a front or rear clam for a 2003 S2 135r. K-series.


thanks in advance


Ps I am sorry if this is in the wrong section.



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Folks on NorLOG.org.uk are more likely to know recommended bodyshops up your way. There are some good ones around here but there's bound to be somewhere closer.


Stormin Norman (used to post on SELOC, but not sure he does any more) had a good reputation for bodywork and is in Middlewich. I saw some of his work and was impressed. Also known as Steve D (I think) on here but again, not seen him active recently.

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