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No Job Too Small...or Too Large!

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As some of you will have already gathered from my other threads I am attempting to embark on a new career focusing on my love of all things automotive and more specifically, the Lotus Elise and Exige!


I have my finger in a few pies at the moment but mainly i'll be trying to do whatever I can to get a few pennies through the door and try to build a small client base.


So i'm ready, willing and able to do any jobs no matter how large or small. Anything from fitting your induction kit to a suspension refresh to repairing HGF or a clutch change. Servicing is also no problem from A to C.


I can also offer track prep if you're thinking about doing track days, from a spanner check to a full geo.


Failing all of that, I can also build you a nice honda powered elise if your pockets are deep enough!


I look forward to hearing from you!




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lol. I don't think Dan'll build a business on two of us over here. If he moves next to Leigh (Dr H) he'll be rich for life ;)


I do have a reasonable sized work area, just no hoist



or time



or knowledge

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