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Shift Light

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hi there

I'm thinking about adding a shift light on my S1. Although I read RobC's thread about this on SELOC, I have further queries.

A red LED strip could be fitted in between the stack and the stack cap and then be wired to the emerald unit. The idea is to light the dashboard when the shifting rpm is reached.

I don't want to use the seat belt led because I don't want this led to be a source of confusion should anything else in that area lit (usually a TUS).

Unfortunately, it is advised to fit a fuse there (see attached pic), but which one (I guess 5A is plenty enough)


The other thing is the event panel detail: how does "sequential start" work? what is it?

Is there a way to get the shift light bleeping some few hundred rpm before shifting rpm and become constantly lit form the shifting rpm onward?



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