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Exhaust Questions

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Well I just thought I'd update the thread. Basically I've done nothing so far but I'm still wanting to reduce the noise so I've decided I'm going to fit an S2 manifold and downpipe in the next month or two - I'll provide another update when it's all done but hopefully I won't notice too much in the way of power/torque loss.


And at least I should be able to pocket some cash from the sale of the 2bular system :) Now if only I could sell my seats too!

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    • By jimlemans
      Is anyone running an S2 K-series elise with Hurricane/de-cat and either Larini Club Sport or EliseParts exhaust.
      I'm finally getting round to changing the standard set-up in exchange for pops and bangs now its no longer my daily drive.
      I'd love to hear the sound of both in the flesh or any comments from people who may have had something similar in the past.
      Cheers, Jim
    • By insanity
      Hi All,
      The heat shield on my 111R has started to fall apart, behind this (rear n/s):

      This is what it looks like from behind the rear wheel:

      It looks like you can buy the sections here: http://www.deroure.com/diagrams.asp?TBL=5782&MAK=1&MDL=11&SMA=0&SMO=0&ST=&SC=0
      Items 5, 6 and 31 I think.
      However, they cost around 50quid each! Ouch! Does anyone have them spare, following an exhaust upgrade or something they would like to sell on?!
      Also, how easy is it to replace? I can't see how you can get to it, maybe remove the rear wheel?