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Ilmc - Fifth Round

Mark H

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Lotus Jetalliance finish with both cars – but still searching for more speed


Lotus Jetalliance celebrated as two Lotus Evora GTE cars crossed the finish line of the fifth round of the Intercontinental Le Mans Cup at Silverstone yesterday. After six tough hours the general conclusion was: The cars are now more consistent and faster - but to be able to keep pace with the front runners more power needs to be found.




Team owner Lukas Lichtner-Hoyer: "Both Lotus Evora GTE cars have improved compared to the previous race, no question. I'm also very pleased that we've both cars to the finished. But unfortunately we still continue to lack in speed. That's where we have to pull out all the stops for the next race."




In his comeback race Karl Wendlinger drove the number 65 Lotus together with the two Englishmen Johnny Mowlem and James Rossiter. The trio reeled off the six hours without any problems, eventually finishing twelfth in the GTE Pro classification.

Karl Wendlinger: "It was nice to be back competing in a race once again. The ILMC really is a great series – plenty of cars, a lot of different makes."




For the second Lotus, in which Lukas Lichtner-Hoyer stood in for the Netherlands' Oskar Slingerland, alongside Martin Rich (GBR) and David Heinemaier-Hansson, things didn't exactly go without incident: The suspension broke in a crash with an LMP1 resulting in just under one and a half hours of turnaround time in the pits. Therefore the race was all but over. The remaining race time was used for test purposes.




Team principal Jan Kalmar: "The Silverstone race demonstrated that we've taken steps forwards but nevertheless there's still a lot of work awaiting us. One must never forget that we're dealing with a completely newly-developed car."




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