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Is Your Lotus


Is your Lotus your main car or a weekend blast/ 2nd car????  

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  1. 1. Is your Lotus your main car or a weekend blast/ 2nd car????

    • Its my main car
    • Its my weekend/fun/2nd car

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Jon - Cheers..... understeer in the week, oversteer at weekends... :D LOL


To be fair, apart from in the wet i struggle to get the RS to understeer that much in the real world, it just seems to grip forever !!!


Nice combination though.... for the first time in my life im not looking around for a change, as i have what i need.... and you always notice the different dynamics when you step between cars which makes driving them interesting. the light and nimble exige versus the weighty mechanical grip and turbo torque of the RS.


Anyone driven a M3 CSL ? thats the only car that i can afford that tempts me at the moment......! :) looks and sounds great, always fancied the SMG gearbox too, just wonder if it would feel uninvolving after the exige. Think I'll have to testdrive one at some stage.....although everytime i say that, i end up buying a car...

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They are absolute beasts - sound very much like a ferarri at bull beans!!!


You can afford a £60k car - I need to be in a different job!!! [ps buy the HEAD ON DVD with the csl in its great!]



I know what you mean about changing driving styles - the elise demands more concentration to my Honda CTR, but both are like sh*t of a stick!

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they arent 60k anymore......


you can get them with 14k miles on for between 35k - 40k..... at that price they seem reasonable value..... cant decide if i want one or not..... will check out the DVD....but if i buy one off the back of it you are responsible....LOL :D


i had my enthusiasm for them rekindled by the noise of the thing on the clarkson hot metal dvd which i watched again this week.....



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I'm sick of people asking what it is, and how much I paid for it - oh and saying "You must be earning too much" - when in truth it's not about the cash.. I bet 80% of cars in our car park cost more than my S1



That annoys me so much!!! :D

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ok... ive ordered head on sportscars and head on saloon cars with the csl on it from dukevideo.com


:D if i was to get a CSL it would be my only car....so lets see how i get on!!!




Wow - this thread is a blast from the past!


So Johnny - how did you get on with the Head On DVD?


Those CSL's are really cheap now! :D

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CSL is great but if it was my money I would go for an M coupe, look a bit like the batmobile (in black) and are just as quick in a straight line as the CSL. They are just awesome on the bends. Went to Nurburgering in one last year with 10 e46 M3's + a CSL really good fun, totally surprised everyone how fast the coupe was :rolleyes:

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At the moment , CSL or 911 would be my next car of choice albeit a few years down the line, when I'm forced to be sensible. :blink:


Did a Walshy day and one of the guys had a CSL which I went in, absolutely hoot, sounded awesome and only BMW I personally would consider buying. Have also follwed one on a run which in turn was following a 360 = v. fast.


Good value second hand, relatively speaking, but it's nver going to feel as involving as your Exige.


Lotus 2nd or Third car in household.

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2nd car for me.


I have an Astra 1.8 SRi that's my main car. It's been slightly played with.




Then this doesn't alway wait til it's dry to come out to play.




RWD + slippery roads = :)

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The Elise started life out as the wife's car, but i always drove it :)


So, we have an Allroad to take the dogs out in and a Saab 93 Convertible for when the sun shines and I need more than 2 seats.


I did 10,000 miles in mine last year so guess it is the main car for me.

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