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Repair, Replace, Or...?


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Hi Chris,


posted elsewhere too. But, how about utilising the MLOC support network? I have access to a mechanic who is cheap and could pick car up and diagnose what is broken. Mike PMC builds K series' on a regular basis and is in good contact with DVA who always seems to be pretty busy...I am sure (speaking on Mikes behalf who no doubt will be along shortly) you could get it repaired economically.


Might be worth fixing, dropping peak power and revs a little and you'd still have a reliable 170+ bhp engine. Mine revs to 7000rpm and puts out 144 bhp (ish) and runs on std crank pistons and everything. Only physical mods are to head.


I would vote for fixing it up as cheaply as possible. Loads of donor engines around if it is fecked!


PM me if you want a tame mechanic to have a delve....He likes taking things apart....



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Cheers Stu,


Investigating repair option as well as selling as-is (surprising amount of interest for the selling option, given that here and SELOC both gave that option a pretty (public) thumbs-down. PMs have shown otherwise !).


Undecided as yet. Will wait until I have a bit more info on potential repair costs. At the end of the day I was planning a strip to investigate the oil burning issue anyway, so I'm only really looking at the extra for any damaged parts.



Drop the power ? Not on your nelly !!!!! :lol:

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