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Which "lotus" Will You Support In F1?

Mark H


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  1. 1. Which "Lotus" will you support in F1?

    • Team Lotus aka Lotus Racing
    • Lotus Renault aka Group Lotus
    • Both
    • Undecided

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For me, it has to be the one that has the affiliation with the car I drive. Group Lotus.


However, I have really liked Heikki's attitude this season and he has been a good watch, so will continue to support him as well. You can easily see Lotus Racing morphing into 'Malasia 1' or whatever it is was meant to be.

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never really understood why Tony fernades wanted to call his team lotus anyway. (apart from helping him get a place on the grid) he has nothing to do with Lotus. He should just re-brand his 1malaysia team airasia.


It is a shame that TonyF and Danny B obviosuly don't get on as it would have made sense for group lotus to have bought 50% of 1malaysia.

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