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    From the album: Phil S1

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    From the album: Phil S1

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    From the album: Phil S1

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    From the album: Phil S1

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    From the album: Phil S1

    Evora Sideshot
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    From the album: Phil S1

    Elise to Evora
  7. Trimming those air horns has worked out really well Leigh, top marks for attention to detail as ever
  8. Flippin ' eck! Could that be any more pristine?
  9. The devil makes work for idle hands Leigh!...and the devil is in the detail too! Let's hope your engine is soon ready, before you decide to modify the battery tray again ;-)
  10. Sounds like you're almost there with it Leigh ;-) It's going to look the business when it's done, that's for sure.
  11. Can't help but admire your commitment Jonny, it's going to be one very special motor when it's finished.
  12. Loving those wheels Leigh....and everything else come to that! Looks like things are really starting to come together now. Excellent work
  13. Panda eyes look great to me Jonny... and the lights look better aligned now too. Top work!
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