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  1. Yes, I believe Lotus were surprised to hear this has happened on a newer model already fitted with the later master cylinder, hopefully it's just a one off.
  2. Since July I've been having an issue with the clutch on my 2014 Evora, after being stood in the garage for a few days the clutch pedal would sometimes be half way down and consequently make it difficult to engage gears. I could resolve it by lifting the pedal up with my foot and pumping it a few times. It would then be fine for maybe a week or so before happening again. These exact symptoms occurred on early (pre 2013) Evoras and Lotus seemingly fixed it at the time by replacing the original metal master cylinder with a plastic version. Being a 2014 car mine already had the plastic version and yet I was having the same problem. I took it to PJS Sportscars who initially tried bleeding the system to see if that might improve things but whilst trying to bleed the system it soon became obvious to them that the master cylinder was indeed at fault so we ordered a new one. Whilst the master cylinder is relatively cheap fitting it would entail removal of the front clam so I was looking at a bill in excess of £600! Although my car is out of warranty by more than a year now it has only done 13,000 miles so having to replace a part like the master cylinder was more than a little disappointing for me. Paul Shipley thought so too and kindly offered to plead my case with Lotus to see if they might offer some goodwill towards the cost of repair. He came up trumps because not only did they cover the cost of the master cylinder, hoses and fluid they also covered 2/3 of the labour costs as well! Thanks Paul! I picked it back up from PJS yesterday, just in time for Lotus 70 so I'm more than happy with that Thanks again Paul and all at PJS, we'll no doubt see you on Saturday
  3. Some more inspiration for you here Leigh, not that you need any Turn the volume up! https://petrolicious.com/films/1974-lancia-stratos-group-4-sliding-the-rally-queen
  4. Brilliant news, really pleased for you Leigh
  5. Good advice and info from Timbo there, that housing does look very suspect.
  6. Looks the business Kieran, is that 4 we have in the club now?!!!
  7. Yes I did wonder that too, maybe try some Mikalor clips?
  8. Sorry if this is stating the obvious but is it not just that the silicon hoses are compressing over time and losing the seal? Could it be that the hose clips just need tightening a little more once they've bedded in? You've not had much luck with the loom either by the sounds of things, hopefully it will all come together for you before much longer
  9. Sounds like you're having a proper nightmare with the coolant system, presumably these leaks are occurring without it even being pressurised too? Do you know precisely where it's leaking from or has it been a different place each time?
  10. The grommets look to have worked out really well Leigh, top work as ever I bet you're eager to hear it fire up for the first time, albeit with much apprehension I guess?
  11. I reckon it would most likely be a Stratos replica like Leigh..... although he has both which is simply not fair
  12. Yes they are nice models Kurt, they're both by Kyosho. The lower one was a limited edition diorama snow scene with mud splatters over the bodywork.
  13. It certainly is Leigh, it's a rather nice 1:18 scale model by Norev and exactly like one I used to have back in the 80's
  14. Always loved the Stratos, I might have one or two models in my collection
  15. Your car was never going to be OE Jonny, it was always going to be way better than that, I say keep your bit of bling, I love it
  16. Stunning as ever Jonny....you and Leigh truly have an OCD!
  17. Seats look spot on, very retro. I agree with the cakes, stick with clean stradale look for now at least.... don't go making any rash decisions.......as if you ever would
  18. Yes, I see what you're saying Leigh, that top mounted steady bar should limit any movement significantly....Carry on
  19. Great work as ever Leigh. Looking at the hose from the fuel filter outlet, will it have enough excess to cater for engine movement?
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