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  1. Since selling my Elise and entrusting the servicing of my Evora to PJS Sportscars there hasn’t been much in the way of ‘winter work’ for me to do so for me it will be little more than a detailing session this time around. I have however been spending a good deal of time of late on a different project. When I first started work many years ago I spent all my spare time and money racing radio controlled 1/12 scale electric cars, with some success it must be said. Alongside that I also had a brief foray into radio controlled slope soaring, nothing fancy, just 2 channel rudder and elevator controls. Circumstances changed (married etc) and I moved onto other things, family, diy and real cars. Late last year one of my old friends from the car racing days who has flown model aircraft ever since got in contact to say they would be flying indoors at our local leisure centre and why don’t I pop along. So I did and was amazed at how the technology has moved on over the last 30+ years. What really got my interest though were pictures of a slope soarer that another of my old friends had built. An old Mig aircraft, built from scratch out of plywood, Correx and finished with self-adhesive vinyl in the style of the American Reno Racers. I had never heard of Correx, for anyone else who hasn’t either it is a twin-walled fluted material commonly used for housing ‘For Sale’ boards. The more I looked into it the more I knew I needed to build a Mig of my own. My friend had recently upgraded his radio control transmitter so I bought his old one off him and started gathering all the materials I needed for the build, a large part of which happened over the Christmas holiday. The plans for the Mig and many other aircraft are freely available for download off the internet. Once printed off at full size build could commence. The fuselage is made from plywood formers and sheets of 2mm and 3mm thick Correx which is ‘de-fluted’ (cut) on one side to allow it to be shaped around the formers, the two being stuck together with hot glue. The wings are folded from a single sheet of 2mm Correx using a plywood spar and 3mm Correx for the ailerons. These are partly bonded with impact adhesive and the rest with hot glue. Gradually it started to take shape Then, when it came to deciding on a colour scheme it just had to be a Lotus-inspired one and one immediately sprang to mind, not the Gold Leaf colours as you might have expected though. It had to be ‘Essex’ The canopy by the way is made from the bottle of a well know Cola brand. As you can see the Mig has ailerons as well as rudder and elevator so I now need to spend some time using a flight simulator on my PC linked up to the transmitter to practice all my crashing before taking to the air for real when the better weather arrives. When it does I’ll be heading off into the Peak District to find a good hill to fly from, fingers crossed I may even be able to fit it all in the Lotus to do so! Sorry for the slight thread hijack
  2. Do you have driving lights set in the grill? If not then that would make a good improvement
  3. Thanks for posting Chris, looks like a good fix. I'm not surprised it has broken, when opening my door it always feels like something is bending before the mechanism actually works. At least it looks like one of the easier fixes
  4. Very best wishes to all for a merry Christmas and happy New Year
  5. Happy Christmas to you all, thanks for all you've done this year, both for my Evora and supporting LitP
  6. Thanks Paul / Daz, gives it a bit more sporty look I reckon
  7. Can you honestly tell me you haven't sat in it going Brrrruuuurrrmmmm....Brrruuuuurrrmmmm?
  8. Welcome, lovely looking car You might want to consider getting a set of winter tyres on it if using it as your daily for the next few months.
  9. Phil S1

    MLOC Evoras

    We'll let's hope Santa comes early for you then. Craig has a great reputation so I'm sure he'll do whatever he can to get it all tip top for you to collect.
  10. For a little under 40K Rich you could pick up a NA Evora Sports Racer and an S like the one below for a little bit more... https://www.classicandsportscar.com/classifieds/classic-cars/lotus/evora/lotus-evora-v6-s-sports-racer-4-ips---------2015/9171798 I've never driven an R8 or Aston come to that but have read that the R8 can seem a little bit....well...dull in the handling department. The Aston would get my vote, if only for being British but I'd be terrified by the likely running costs, that's why I ended up with my Evora
  11. It's tempting Ray but it's a bit too much of a trek for me on Sunday morning.
  12. Thanks all, I'll stick with the chrome then I really ought to take it out for a blast now to see how much faster it is
  13. Wow! I'm not going to try and add that lot up Jonny, that's one exceptionally long till receipt What price can anyone put on the best S1 Exige ever built?!!!
  14. Thanks chaps, glad you all like it
  15. After almost 2 years now I’ve decided that my Evora life was a little too monochrome (when compared to my previous technicolour red, white and gold Type 49) so I decided it was time to inject a little colour. With its red interior and red brake calipers my car isn’t completely devoid of colour but a little more wouldn’t hurt would it? So with that in mind I decided it was the engine bay that required my attention, specifically the engine cover. As standard the cover is silver and black… There is an argument to say just dispense with it altogether and save some weight but I’m not that weight conscious and without a supercharger the Toyota NA engine is not a thing of beauty by any stretch of the imagination… So the first job was to remove the badges, they are only held down with double-sided tape so a scalpel was all that was required… I decided to paint it Lotus Calypso red (the colour of my old 49) which was always a nice bright red and a reasonable match to the brake calipers too… After removing the tape residue and a light sand to key the surface I masked it off and sprayed a primer coat… Followed by the red… A bit of lacquer and once dried I was able to remove the masking and reapply the badges… And then refit it over the engine… I am still in 2 minds whether to change the LOTUS badge from chrome to black – this would match the black badging on the rear of the car but equally the chrome lettering matches that of the brake calipers so arguments either way, for the moment I’ll leave them chrome.
  16. Yep, as Kieran has said I have found around 1.5Mb to be ok.
  17. I've not seen any new photos uploaded recently, have you tried with a smaller file size? If you're still having problems could you paste an image of any error message you're perhaps getting?
  18. Pleased to hear that Lotus are helping you too Tim, hopefully it won't be too long before you're behind the wheel again.
  19. You've made a cracking job of that, particularly like the Lotus badge
  20. Phil S1

    MLOC Evoras

    We'll I've just collected mine back from PJS Sportscars this morning, they've provided great service looking after mine for the last couple of years
  21. These are how my brackets looked when they came off Tim, you can see that the fixing at one end was completely missing... ...and yes the 4 year service is the dear one anyway without any little extras like this. Maybe yours have been replaced already
  22. Hi Tim, welcome to MLOC. Sorry to hear you're suffering the same symptoms I had. Hopefully Lotus will come good for you too. In addition to the master cylinder problem there was also a heat-soak issue on early Evoras causing the clutch fluid to boil. Additional heat shielding was subsequently fitted to our later cars to prevent this but I have still found it to be a problem on mine so have just had some race spec fluid (with a higher boiling point) put in as well. Hopefully that will now be the end of it. If you do need a new master cylinder fitting then when the front clam comes off you might want to consider purchasing some stainless steel mud flap brackets in preparation since the OE galvanised versions rust and fall apart in no time. (Mine were already too far gone!) There's a chap on TLF who makes them - link below. Elise-shop sell them too. stainless brackets
  23. Phil S1

    MLOC Evoras

    The roof-off element is the one thing I miss coming from my old Elise....having air con's nice though....and not to mention the heated seats Your's should sound sweet with a 2bular fitted, what colour is it? Are you going to have the SR look done as a wrap or painted?
  24. Phil S1

    MLOC Evoras

    Hi Matt, There's a few of us on here for sure, I think averageMPH is on his 4th one now. Mine's a NA and I find it plenty fast enough so I wouldn't worry about it not being an S. The tax will be less and presumably yours will be on the smaller 18/19 wheels so tyres will be significantly cheaper too. Look forward to seeing some photos when you get it
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