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  1. Wow! That looks simply stunning Leigh 😛 Really hope some good warm sunshine does the trick for you.
  2. Excellent work as ever Dave, I had to chuckle about the steering column UJ bolt, I did exactly the same when I replaced my rack 😄
  3. If you have any Plusgas or the like to hand then I would give it a good spray with that and leave it overnight before having another go. I would have thought that and some more carefully directed heat towards the alloy body ought to do it.
  4. I've not downloaded it myself yet....too busy building planes just now 😁
  5. A bit of paper folding anyone? 🙂 https://www.lotuscars.com/build-esprit-s1/
  6. Thanks Jonny, like you I knew next to nothing about the plane but just loved the look of it. The engine in it was a massive 4 bank radial totalling 28 cylinders, must've sounded awesome. Having to fit the14 exhaust pipes in my model wasn't fun though 😄
  7. Excellent colouring in Jessica, we like the smiley faces too
  8. Excellent Leigh, exactly the stuff that memories are made of. Some of my best memories are those with me and my dad building things. Like you, I also have an unfinished Stratos kit that I really ought to get around to sometime. I'm sure yours will be finished before mine though 😄
  9. Thanks Andrew, a Lancaster before lockdown ends! That might be a bit tricky 😄 I currently have plans printed off for Hawk and Sabre jets so one of those would most likely be the next build... hopefully not until Winter though, I want to get out and fly the ones I have built already!
  10. To help keep the kids (and adults) entertained during lock-down Laura has created a colouring-in version of this year's LitP poster for you all and placed it on the LitP Facebook page. So get colouring and then let's see them posted up on the Facebook page...or here as well if you like. 🎨 I've placed a version here too to download for those not on Facebook.
  11. Thanks Dean, I was quite taken by the look of it too. It's a bit of a homage to the real one that was sadly lost along with it's pilot in a crash in 2012, barely a year after restoration. Plenty of photos and info on the real one here for anyone interested:- https://www.air-and-space.com/Goodyear F2G-2 NX5577N.htm
  12. Thanks Duncan, maybe I'll have a go at Tracy island next 😄 No kits involved, apart from the radio control for the ailerons and elevator the only off the shelf parts I've used on this one are the front part of the canopy from another Corsair kit and the pilot body (which Laura painted for me). It's all held together with a combination of contact adhesive and hot melt glue.
  13. Will it fly? I certainly hope so Keith, will it land in one piece is the more pertinent question 😄 I bet the design criteria at Lotus didn't entail 'Ensure the boot can hold a week's shopping', but desperate times call for desperate measures 👍
  14. I have finally finished the Super Corsair, parts used in the construction this time were Correx, plywood (wing spar), balsa (spinner), two pop bottles (rear canopy section and engine fairing), the metal bottom of a Pringles tube and kebab sticks (pilot's seat), plastic drink straws (exhausts) and white cut vinyl for all the graphics. Thanks also to Laura for sorting me out with photo-shopped and resized prints for the engine and cockpit detail. I still have the paper plans to build 2 other aircraft although I'm not sure I dare start building another one just yet 😁
  15. You've made a lovely job there Duncan 👍
  16. You look to have made a cracking job of that Dean, I'll need to consult with Dave but based on that I reckon we might now allow you guest membership to our detailing club 😏
  17. Looks really good Chris, how did you manage to reinstate the LOTUS lettering?
  18. To be fair, it didn't have the air intake on top of the engine cowl in that photo either, I was working on that part yesterday 🙂
  19. Yes...and no Leigh. The plans I'm working to are indeed for the F4U Corsair but I'm converting mine to be a F2G Super Corsair which has a bubble canopy. 9 out of 10 😁
  20. Top 'colouring in' Will and really gives the engine bay a nice lift 👍
  21. I've been making steady progress on my latest scratch-built Correx r/c slope soarer. It's quite a distinctive shape so no prizes for guessing what it is. Sadly the Lotus has been reduced to a workbench these days 😁
  22. I know it's a long lap round the Ring Ray but was it really February when you started 😄
  23. Well that should help pass away the hours....a somewhat quicker build than the Exige too 😄
  24. Good to hear you got your car back before the lockdown Dean, just a shame you can't get to test it out fully for a while just yet, let's hope we don't have to wait too long. For now you'll just have to jack it up, take the wheels off, pull up a chair, pour a glass of wine and admire all those shiny new parts 😁
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