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    After cleaning out the garage I have the following for sale, everything from a MY07 S2 Exige S: Carcraft Weathershield breathable cover- can be used indoor/outdoor. Washable. Black. Comes with draw-string bag. £100 Front discs, taken of car when new and have been in dry storage. FREE if you come and collect them. A pair of electric window switches. £20 Set of 4 black/silver wheel centres, mint condition. £50 Original oil sump. £20 Anodised handbrake grip, black. £10 Spark plug covers (3) - 2 are painted yellow. £10 each. Original front splitter (Storm Titanium) for S2 Exige S. £200 Rear numberplate panel with heat shield. £50 Happy to provide pictures of anything if you are interested. Will post smaller items but would prefer collection of the bigger/heavier items. Thank you for your interest.


    Shawbury, Shropshire - GB

  2. Washed, clayed and waxed. Suspension stripped, cleaned and re-fitted. Under trays removed, cleaned and ACF-50 applied.
  3. I'm there in my Exige S2 that I still have. Mate was in his S1 Exige but left his gearbox all over the airfield!
  4. Not on eBay - sold? If not, what's your best price? Cheers, Rich A.
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