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  1. Kevin

    Is it time for a change? You'll need 5 minutes!

    Thanks for posting Jon and very interesting thoughts. At any stage during your time with the car did you say to yourself ‘I’m going to purchase this’ and then change your mind during the experience or where you not convinced at any stage? Kevin
  2. Just a warning to those that might be thinking about a drive into North Wales over the weekend. My wife and I have been out today, in the Elise, in an attempt to get to Bala Lake. Unfortunately a section of the A5, just before Corwen, and on the A494 leading towards Bala has been resurfaced with stone chippings. The problem is when cars are coming towards you at speed, and when cars try to overtake, as you can see the stones coming towards you!!! We gave up in the end and turned round and found an alternative way home! I still haven’t had the courage to look at the front of my car yet to see the extent of the pebbledash!!! Kevin
  3. Kevin

    Rear diffuser

    Andy Eliseparts also sell diffuse edging strip
  4. Kevin

    Elise roof cable.

    Does anyone know if these fit a 2002 S2? I ask as has the description the the eBay site is not clear Thanks Kevin
  5. Kevin

    Toyo Proxes T1-R Tyres SOLD

    Time Left: 23 days and 8 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    2 x 195/50/16 & 2 x 225/45/17 with between 5mm - 6mm tread remaining on all 4 tyres. These were fitted in 2016 and covered approx. 8,000 miles. Collect from Shrewsbury or can arrange delivery on my commuter route between Shrewsbury and Derby. £100


    Shrewsbury , Shropshire - GB

  6. Kevin

    AD08R V’s ZZS

    Hi Martin, My car is a 2002 S2 Elise Lotus Sport 135 and thanks for the feedback
  7. Kevin

    AD08R V’s ZZS

    AD08R’s now fitted and first impressions are good. My next question is about tyre pressures as they have come out of the garage with 26psi on the fronts and 29psi on the rears does this sound right to those that are running AD08R’s o Thanks in advance Kevin
  8. Kevin

    AD08R V’s ZZS

    All, Thanks for all your constructive feedback, very helpful and ill go with the AD08R’s and order this week. Kevin
  9. Kevin

    Exige S1 Restoration (images changed).

    Jonnyfox, It looks fantastic and you must be very chuffed? Kevin
  10. Kevin

    AD08R V’s ZZS

    I’m looking to MLOC collective knowledge for advice.... I’m looking to change the current Toyo T1-R tyres, on my S2 Elise with OZ Racing wheels, and looking to replace them with either of the following;- Yokohama Neova AD08R: Front 205/45/16 83W - Rear 225/45/17 91W or Avon ZZS: Front 195/50/16 - Rear 225/45/17 I don’t Track the car so the replacement tyres will be only used for spirited road use! Any knowledge/experience on the use of either is much appreciated. Thanks in advance Kevin
  11. While my 2002 S2 Elise is in for its annual service I’m considering having a pair of `Side Intake Scoops’ fitted to replace the original ones. Reverie, Elise Shope and EliseParts offer them, so I’m asking for any advice on the best quality and fit and any tips to aid installation. Thanks in Advance Kevin
  12. Kevin

    Any meets around Shrewsbury?

    AM Sunday 7th April is also good for me
  13. Kevin

    Any meets around Shrewsbury?

    I’m also based in Shrewsbury and it would be great to meet up with fellow Shropshire Lotus owners. We have Easter in mid/late April so how about Sunday 14th?
  14. I maybe over thinking this but tomorrow I have an engineer coming to fit a replacement Traker unit to my 2002 Elise and I’m not sure the engineer has worked on an Elise before. I have very little car maintenance knowledge, I leave this to Gavin, so is there anything I should be aware of before the engineer disconnects the battery? Thanks in advance Kevin
  15. Kevin

    3 S1 Exiges

    Steve J whats your planned route, are you coming anywhere near Shrewsbury?

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