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  1. Kevin

    Any meets around Shrewsbury?

    AM Sunday 7th April is also good for me
  2. Kevin

    Any meets around Shrewsbury?

    I’m also based in Shrewsbury and it would be great to meet up with fellow Shropshire Lotus owners. We have Easter in mid/late April so how about Sunday 14th?
  3. I maybe over thinking this but tomorrow I have an engineer coming to fit a replacement Traker unit to my 2002 Elise and I’m not sure the engineer has worked on an Elise before. I have very little car maintenance knowledge, I leave this to Gavin, so is there anything I should be aware of before the engineer disconnects the battery? Thanks in advance Kevin
  4. Kevin

    3 S1 Exiges

    Steve J whats your planned route, are you coming anywhere near Shrewsbury?
  5. Kevin

    Geo set up

    Jonathan E Give PJS, just outside Burton on Trent, a call Kevin

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