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  1. Hi i left Shrewsbury at 05:45 and was at the Crossgate cafe @ 08:15 for coffee and toast! Kevin
  2. Winthattt Good point re Tollbar going/gone where now? Legs
  3. Jon Double rom for Kevin and Mel You just need to sort the weather!!! Thanks Kevin
  4. Jonathan E Yes and I'm sure that I could persuade Mel to join me Kevin
  5. P W I have been waiting for the Avon ZZS tyres for a few months now. It still showing Q2 onThier website but when I phone BMTR Birmingham they are unable to give me a definitive date when Elise/Exige sizes would be available, so I'm going to have to think of other options to fit on my new OZ Wheels! Legs
  6. Thanks all for your feedback and much appriciated. lukevx/Mark - I contacted B.M.T.R in the week and they provided the following update on the Avoan ZZS Tyres: Fronts (195/50R/16 and Rear's 225/45R/17. Fronts - Just gouing through final track testing and should be ready in a few week for general sale Rear's - Currently still in development with proposed timeline of 3 to 4 months so told to ring B.M.T.R back towards the enf of May for an update. Regards, Legs
  7. After much deliberation I’m ready to place an order for a set of OZ wheels for my Elise S2 Lotus Sport 135. I’m still very concerned about which tyres to go for, my car is used for spirted road use and no plans to do any trackdays. With above in mind, and reading a number of threads both on SELOC and MLOC, I think that my choices are between 195/50R16 Avon ZZR’s or 205/50*/16 AD08R’s *I understand that 205/45/16 are another option Any advice/feedback to give me some confidence in making this decision would be much appreciated Do I have any other options than the ones above? Thanks for any advice in advance Legs