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  1. Hi Stewart can you please confirm the part number and these a pair? Thanks Kevin
  2. Hi All Thanks for all your feedback and as you suspected it was the battery, and thanks to Jonathan E a new battery was collected and fitted today! Here’s hoping that the weather will be good this Sunday so I can make up for the aborted drive last Sunday keep safe all Kevin
  3. MrWill Your feedback is very much appraised. I’m based in Shrewsbury and my local Halfords has a 063 battery in stock. Looking at my records the last battery was fitted in 2009! But the first step is to check the connections Thanks again Kevin
  4. Up early this morning to make the most of the nice weather but my 2002 Elise will not start, so here’s the problem as I can best describe it as I’m no mechanic! battery been on charge all week and green light on the CTEK so all should be well with that. When I turn on the ignition all the Stack lights come on ok, and are bright but the starter motor sounds like it’s struggling to turn over but I can hear a rapid clicking noise and all the headlights and headlight warning buzzer comes on but the engine will not start! Any thoughts and advice would be very much appreciated on this ear
  5. Just one more sleep but I suspect you will struggle to get much shut eye! enjoy the whole day! Kevin
  6. Kevin


    Jon the wait will be WORTH it! Enjoy the whole day and the weather is looking good for the journey home! Mel & Kevin

    • FOR SALE
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    2 x 195/50/16 & 2 x 225/45/17 with between 5mm - 6mm tread remaining on all 4 tyres. These were fitted in 2016 and covered approx. 8,000 miles. Collect from Shrewsbury or can arrange delivery on my commuter route between Shrewsbury and Derby. £100


    Shrewsbury , Shropshire - GB

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