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  1. Hi all, Thank you for the welcome. Duncan, I'm attending the DE6 1GD postcode; if that is Matlock? I bought my Lotus 111R in November last year (2021), from Allon and White, near. Bedford. It has been a bit of a garage princess since then. I too grin from ear to ear, each time I drive it. I must sound like a Halfords Hooligan, in built up areas. At 62 years old, I commented to a neighbour that I was having a mid life crisis, To which he replied "You are too old for that." I`ll try and update `my profile` with a relevant picture of my car. Its a Red 111R. I`ll als
  2. Hi all, Unsure if this is the correct forum to post an introduction, but it seems only polite to do so. New to Lotus. I have booked a `Sunday run this coming weekend (Lotus in the Peaks 30/07/21). Booking no. Order #4141 I note the comments above re: global e mail. Travelling from Milton Keynes (M1). Red Lotus Elise HX06... Give me a wave Plan to depart 05:00 hrs, provided I can surgically remove my son from his mattress. He will be my crewmate and appropriate adult on the day. He is in his second year at Leicester University (Engineering). Love him dear
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