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  1. I ended up purchasing Bilsteins from Elise Parts. Whilst there were cheaper options it seemed like the best compromise for my application. Overall very pleased with the performance so far. Let’s hope they last as long as the Koni’s!
  2. Thanks for all the comments
  3. Thanks for the reply. We have owned the car since new and it is just a road car so not looking to do anything other than replace the Konis. Having fixed platforms dampers is appealing as it means I won’t get the corner weight scales out after fitting it. The Gaz units are so much cheaper than the bilsteins, I need to consider them, but it’s trying to avoid being sold the track option.
  4. I assumed that the setting up would be easy with the SS as bump and rebound are combined into one adjustment.
  5. I have just looked for the Gaz option. The Gaz website only list the Gaz Gold Pro option but is quite a bit cheaper at just under £700. As it is just a road car all I am looking for is a replacement for my just failed Konis!
  6. I know there have been lots of discussions on damper options, but I am still struggling to understand what would be the better option. I am looking at either Bilstein or the Nitron Street Series 2. The car is standard and is just used on the road (and no intention of taking it on the track). the Nitrons are £200 cheaper, which means that is where my head is, but is that the best option? Any thoughts?
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