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  1. Definitely, will try to get out to a few meets this summer
  2. Yes, Jimmy was the previous owner. Car’s great fun. Managed to finally stretch its legs at Donington in the week and it did not disappoint!
  3. Hi All, New member from Milton Keynes (we’ll call it south midlands lol). First lotus and it’s a lovely Elise Cup S with some work done by RRR engineering to get 300bhp out in sport mode. Incredible car, great handling, power and noise (thanks in part to the full 2bular). Hopefully can make it to a meet soon! Obligatory photos below. Jonny
  4. Great looking car! I have the full 2bular on mine inc sports cats and manifold and it sounds epic but does drone a bit around 80mph on the motorway. Below and above it’s fine though.
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