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  1. Yes that is lovely. Loved my 111r. Can defo see myself back in an Elise again at some point 🏎🏎
  2. Cheers chaps gonna be a long couple of months. Although given the last year or so maybe not that tough. Guess it’ll give me chance to decide how to tell swmbo about it. 🥴
  3. Can’t wait to get it and drive an exige. not had chance yet🥴 really wanted to try all 3 together Elise exige and evora but the exige was what I really wanted so in for a penny 😬 would probably be in one already had the world not got all messed up. so not really sure what to expect 🤯 but I loved my Elise that first drive should be interesting 🤪
  4. Hi All Just saying hello. I’ll be the v proud owner of a 390FE around June time that will hopefully look something like this 😍. I had a 111r Elise from 07-12 which was awesome but had to go when the kids turned up. Always wanted to get back into a lotus specifically an exige. Looking forward to getting involved maybe on some meets etc. Cheers Matt
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