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  1. Yay many excuse for more pics 😬
  2. Of all those I really think the 2010-18 is just perfect. The original a close 2nd. All the rest classic eighties rubbish The latest iteration just looks cheap ive no idea what’s on mine 😬 really hope it’s the 2010-18 I think it is too busy driving it 😁 Weather was good yesterday so took it for it’s first decent run out from bewdley to Aberystwyth and back to catch a few flies 😬
  3. I’m with LV £400 off the comparison sites, with zero no claims thought that was blooming amazing. mind you I am nearly 50 no points on license and car is garaged 🤷‍♂️
  4. Cheers fellas be good to get out on some runs. Arch loves it 😍when it starts up he just giggles and then tells me to put it in race mode🤣🏎
  5. Hi folks Finally picked up my Exige fe last Saturday and currently doing my best to get the 1000 miles on so I can here her sing properly 🤣 upto 500 miles now so hopefully won’t be to long 😬. Im not to sure where I’ll be able to use above 4000 on the road though cause it’s just so damn fast. 3/4th gear around the lanes is just more than enough. Im thoroughly Loving it so far the whole experience is just fantastic just looking at it is enough.l. Went to Shelsley Walsh last Thursday night they have a car meet the first Thursday of the month. There was all sorts there including a brig
  6. Coming from the other end. I’ll be getting my fe exige in a few weeks and have just had a new garage built with plenty of insulation and an insulated garage door. Don’t think I’ll be driving it much in bad weather so want to keep in tip top condition. Was even considering a radiator 🤣🤣🤣🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Is a de humidifier a good way to go ? is it worth getting an indoor cover ? think I read somewhere they’re no good if the car isn’t spotless when it’s covered up 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
  7. Love that and especially the wheels 😍 Also the floor in that awesome garage is great would like something similar for mine for when my Fe exige arrives. Just wish I had as much room 🤦‍♂️ Where did you get the floor from ? cheers Matt
  8. Yes that is lovely. Loved my 111r. Can defo see myself back in an Elise again at some point 🏎🏎
  9. Cheers chaps gonna be a long couple of months. Although given the last year or so maybe not that tough. Guess it’ll give me chance to decide how to tell swmbo about it. 🥴
  10. Can’t wait to get it and drive an exige. not had chance yet🥴 really wanted to try all 3 together Elise exige and evora but the exige was what I really wanted so in for a penny 😬 would probably be in one already had the world not got all messed up. so not really sure what to expect 🤯 but I loved my Elise that first drive should be interesting 🤪
  11. Hi All Just saying hello. I’ll be the v proud owner of a 390FE around June time that will hopefully look something like this 😍. I had a 111r Elise from 07-12 which was awesome but had to go when the kids turned up. Always wanted to get back into a lotus specifically an exige. Looking forward to getting involved maybe on some meets etc. Cheers Matt
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