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  1. Neil Garner in Kemble, or is that too far south - probably 1 hr travel from Alcester Website shows £499 for C service
  2. Autocorrect doing its worst!
  3. I feel your pain. I had an incident back in March when I went for an Elise test drive. Got in and out of a car in the showroom OK but went to get into the demo car and as I was lowering myself in I must of twisted awkwardly and a muscle on the inside of my thigh tore. I felt immense pain and my natural reaction was to stand up. I walked around for a few minutes but knew this wasn't a "walk it off in 5 mins" thing. I gritted my teeth and basically used gravity to get me in the car and drive it. Once in I was surprisingly comfortable and able to press the accelerator OK. I use a mix of left fo
  4. Just as soon as I get the car. big fan or breakfast runs 😀 Ponderosa Cafe on the horseshoe pass near Llangollen was always a good point to meet. Good roads, quirky motor museum in Llangollen, steam trains etc, lots to do/see in the area as well as a decent brekky
  5. Hi Matt, I'm just down the road in Worcester. Got an Elise 240FE on order - due build in July so probably early August collection. Can't wait. That Exige looks tasty! Rob
  6. So today was a good day. I managed to test drive a Sport 220, so not too different from my 'on order' Sport 240 FE. Can't wait, its build week 27 (early July) so probably be early August collection.
  7. Thanks all. I'm looking forward to driving generally once we get out of lockdown. Hoping to get along to meets, driveouts etc
  8. Hi all, I'm new here, and soon to be a Lotus owner. I have an Elise Sport 240 Final Edition on order for July delivery. My car background for the past 17 years has been Mitsubishi Evo's along with daily drivers such as Toyota Celica, Seat Leon Cupra, BMW M140i and others. I recently sold my Evo as I wanted to scratch some other itches. The Elise is one of those itches. Had been planning a Sport 220 but that became OBE as the 240 final edition was launched. Though I'd missed out as the dealer I was speaking to told me at the weekend that they had sold out, but I managed to find another
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