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  1. Hi all . Has anyone got the black sideair flow vents for sale please for an elise 65 plate s3 touring ? Need both sides as mine are cracked I can't work out how to put pictures on here to show you sorry . . I'm having the sills painted and want to replace these as well .or have any idea where I can get them from ? Thank you all Matt
  2. Good idea 💡 👏. Need to find a person that sells pills lol 😆 😂 🤣
  3. Sorry 😞 Graham 😆
  4. I do get what your all saying about the speakers and is it really worth it ? But . When I have the wife in the car , I have to. Well drive like an old man if you get what I mean . SO ! I was thinking if the music was a little louder . She wouldn't hear the exhaust so much 😆 .
  5. Oh ok . Will have a look . Thank you
  6. Has anyone any front and rear speakers ( that work 🤔 😆 ) for sale please ? Or recommend a make thats good . Matt ..
  8. Halfords sell those . Might fit with that kit you put on here ? I've messaged the bloke selling it to see if it can be used
  9. Wow that good 👍. That means I might be now able to fit the Sony XAV-AX3005DB OR THE XAV- AX 8000 OR 8050 . Thank you for the reply 🙂
  10. Right yes thank you . Both 15 min drive . Thank you again
  11. Hi 👋 Yes will have a good look to make sure the garage didnt miss anything . I understand fully what your saying 🙂 but its just not right . Just want to know the fuel mixtures are correct . Who are the main lotus tuners on here then please ? Thanks matt
  12. Hi me again 😃 I've had a TRD air filter and box fitted and lotus sports exhaust back box only. Now its running a little rich as I knew it would. Can anyone recommend please some where in Staffordshire area that can tune it please ? I don't want more power just correct fueling . Thank you all Matt
  13. Hi all . Has anyone fitted a single din motorised stereo into their elise please ? Want to fit one but have been told they won't work because of the radio being set back ? Many thanks Matt
  14. Hi . Has anyone changed their stereo in there s3 elise please ? Looking for a radio with sat nav ,Dab , phone . But not sure what will fit . Would like a flip screen but not sure what fits. Any info would be great . Thank you Matt
  15. Thats brill thank you 😊. Cant believe how poor they are on dipped beam . Thank you again . Yes thats the ones . Thank you so much 🙂
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