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  1. Just picked up my 111R after a lot of service work at PJS and I have to say it’s changed my recently purchase car from fun to drive to an absolute pleasure. New front and rear springs and dampers, track rod end, anti roll bushes as well as a new radiator and fans. It took longer and cost a little more due to the bodged repairs it’s it’s earlier life but I am really pleased with the work and care taken on my Elise. I have to save up now to sort the bodywork out, maybe during the winter as I need to be driving it during the hopefully sunny summer.
  2. Thanks, everyone loves the colour, not seen any others this burgundy red. What is doesn’t show is the very bad paint blisters on both doors - another job for later in the year.
  3. Hi, I am also a new owner of a 2004 111R and having the same thoughts and being the only Elise I’ve been in, I have no idea if all is as expected. I am looking to book it in for a service at either PJS or Gav at Unit 4 following the information on this forum. I’m hoping they can then advise on the feel of the car. Brian
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