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  1. Hi all, Sorry for just replying now, but it's been a bit busy at work this week so I've only had a bit of time to get back to this thread today. Thank you for all the replies, I do appreciate it! Dean, thanks for going out of your way and try to get some extra info on fb about these cams. Those are the cams I saw on ebay the other day with the 300 designation and made me ask about extra info on here, but I guess it must be right since both you and MrWill say its the 300 designation that I should go after. AlexB - Noted, I might be interested in them, might send you a pm
  2. Hi everyone, I was wondering if I could have some information about some aspects of my car - I'm just wondering if its just because its a Lotus! I've noticed some imperfections in the paint of my engine bay. I saw them when I bought the car, but the other day I noticed that there seemed to be just more of it (at first it was just on the right edge of the engine bay and now it seems to be multiplying towards the other side. ) Is this normal? I've seen this type of paint quality in photos of early S2s, but maybe its a sign of something, or maybe its just normal in these early Eli
  3. Interesting, why did he advise you against the 270 cams? I saw this video with an S1 elise with just a 421 header + exhaust + cold air intake + cams and you really see the car revving more up to 7k rpm Dean, thanks for the tip on the filter! You reckon it'd make a noise difference? I'm up for trying it! And if anyone in the meantime has any clues on how to get a genuine 135 cam, let me know! I should be doing my radiator swap and c-service at the end of this month so fingers crossed I can find one and put it in at the same time. And just to confirm,
  4. Thank you everyone for taking the time to reply - that's a lot of good advice ! DeanB - That's exactly what I plan on doing. A C-service to get the head gasket done + fitting of an aluminium rad ( it's leaking a bit). Would it be worth adding an oil rail + a prrt kit? Or would an 82ºc thermostat be enough once I have the new gasket and radiator? I love love the car and would love to keep it for life but after having spent hours on youtube looking at clips of 2zz powered Elises, the kind of rev-hungry engine they seem to have + a tubular exhaust really does appeal to me - I love revvy
  5. Hi everyone, I bought a low mileage and completely original s2 last year. I love it but I wish it was more willing to rev and spend more time at a high rpm . I'm fairly happy with the amount of power the car has, as I use it mainly for local b-roads and I'm planning the odd track day this year or two. Naturally, I've started looking at options to change the way the engine seems to run out of puff above 5k rpm. Seeing as I want to keep it as original as possible, I don't really want to modify the engine too much, so when I heard that a set of Piper 270 cams are a straight drop in
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