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  1. Dear all, thanks for all your interest in my problem. Hartleyj has given me an idea. I’m currently running a Morgan 4/4 which has reclining seats but a rather short seat cushion which I found uncomfortable. My solution was to keep a small rucksack under my knees which lengthened, as it were, the seat cushion and sInce then I been fine and can travel many miles comfortably. I think this is worth a try in the Elise. I also take the point from Lotus 111 about the Elise being the best car one can experience. I completely agree as my 2 hours at the wheel was one of the most exciting d
  2. Dear both, Thanks for coming back so soon. The car was a nearly new Sport 220. The point about not bending your knees is interesting because when I drove a Caterham (also recently) I found I could sit with my legs straight and that felt fine. I will drive the Elise again and try the “straight legs” approach. Perhaps I was sitting awkwardly and didn’t realise. The discomfort is in my right side around the hip/buttock area (as you mentioned) and I think the car had Probax seats. I’ve spoken to some Elise specialists and found out that it’s possible to add extra lumber padding but I’ve n
  3. Dear all, I have recently found your website. Last September I drove an Elise for about two hours. At the end of the drive I felt fine but later experienced pain in my right side around my hip region. Since then I have tried to find anyone who has the same problem and if they have been able to overcome it. I loved the car and feel that I must explore every avenue to try and solve this problem before reluctantly concluding that the Elise is not for me. I think that if the Elise had reclining seats I could find a comfortable position. I put my problem to Lotus but they were not able t
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