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  1. I had one of these fitted this week. Not sure if you have the same surround.
  2. Welcome to the group Luke. Hope we do another meet soon. Come on Ray start planning😉
  3. I was contemplating an Aim dash cluster so was watching how to change it(looks pretty easy) anyway it shows there is a connector which im guessing may of come away. Only an educated guess. Certainly not mechanically minded. Worth a try surely. Would explain the problems.
  4. Cant you buy a dehumidifier instead?
  5. After many years of searching for that stunning example, i eventually found the exige cr i bought about 4 weeks ago. Some of you may of seen this car from a past peak meet, ive got photos from the previous owner. Bryn Owen was the previous owner. Thought id say hi and hope that once the meets commence again i could tag along. Ryan
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