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  1. Just to update this, I THINK this is a battery thing.. I haven't had it trip on me for the past 4-5 weekends (hasn't been charged since then and only going out weekends to shops etc.)
    And it tripped today.

    So I'm pretty sure it's something to to with battery levels. :D

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  2. I believe everyone should have been notified but I can confirm that those who had photos selected for this years calendar are as follows:-
    Steve J
    Paul Smith
    Ooo I made it!! THANKS!!
    When can we expect them?

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  3. S3 Elise hear and I have had this a few time recently, but I have noticed when it does it the engine start sound makes like an extra thud / judder as it starts instead of smooth .
    But like you said, restart sorts it out.
    Just got my odb2 reader so next time it does it, maybe I will see a code...

    But I'm also interested if anyone knows the reason?

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  4. Hi all!!!

    Some may have just seen my post of one of the Facebook groups. I have have had my Elise S CR for around 3 weeks now. Absolutely loving it!!

    Been a dream of mine to own this car since I was a child and on my 29th birthday I pulled the trigger :)


    I'm in North lincs / Doncaster area. I look forward to meeting some you at various events/meets.




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