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  1. 15/06/2021 Update More progress made over this last week, I finally managed to order some Timken wheel bearings and Dan kindly pressed them back in for me with the freshly zinc plated drive flanges, this meant I could get the hubs fitted and finally get the car back on to it's wheels. It's now easier to work on because it moves. I think it looks really good, much better than the crusty mess when I first got the car. I'm on the lookout for a set of Elise Trophy spec Rota slipstream or Speedline 5 spoke wheels if anyone has a set they would part with? Nicely going back together
  2. Thank you, plenty of time and effort gone in to it. I’m excited to get out and use it.
  3. Thank you very much 😀 I can't wait to get it finished, I wish it was finished in time for Lotus in the Peaks, I'm going to come and have a look at some cars any way even if the car isn't finished 👍
  4. Update 07/06/2021 Another decent update, this time I have managed to get a short ratio gearbox with new bearings glass bead blasted and a Quaife diff fitted. I decided on Elise Parts engine mounts in the end so that meant I could get the engine back in and all the the rear subframe that I had powder coated back on and the majority of the rear suspension back on. I have also decided to get rid of the fibreglass boot box because it means I can make a new divide between the engine bay and the boot out of aluminium, so I managed to get hold of a aluminium boot floor from Dan at HPE and he
  5. Hi, Id like to introduce myself and my car, I'm Harry from Nottingham, I've been a member on here since a while and finally took the plunge and purchased a project Ruby Red S1 last year so I thought id add my build thread I plan to use the car for the odd summer blast and sprinting. It already has a few modifications like; -Emerald k3 - Early KV6 throttle bodies - 135 cams (i think) - PTP head (Not sure of the full spec) - Janspeed 4-2-1 - GAZ coilovers (replacing with Nitron) - Retrim/Blinged up interior Over the winter I'm planning a full strip and rebuild with some ni
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    For Sale, I have the early VHPD KV6 style throttle bodies that I have removed from my car, they are in perfect working order I’m only removing them to replace with Jenveys These are the early PTP type and seen very hard to find, they use the standard K fuel rail and injectors and I had them running on an Emerald K3. They include the throttle position sensor too (not pictured) £650 posted.


    Nottingham, England - GB

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    Hi, Before I buy a new set does anyone have a set of Nitron NTR or Quantum Coilovers for my S1 Elise? Cash waiting.


    - GB

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