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  1. might have to meet up and have a look at your boot hinges - mine have been removed and the mechanism hidden, but I like the chrome!
  2. The username is from my other passion, vintage watches. I have a nice 1969 Omega to match the Lotus' birth year, even if I am not quite as vintage.
  3. Thanks @MrWill. In the first six months it has had a new alloy rad, new alloy fuel tank (including a one way valve, otherwise fuel spills out of the filler!), CV driveshafts, LED exterior lighting, tyres and a stainless exhaust - so loads of invisible stuff. Next is a new roof, which won't be cheap, and a new dash to replace the homemade one. As the dash is coming out then I may as well rewire it too. You never really own an old Lotus, you just keep restoring it for the next owner!
  4. I just saw a post on Facebook by Scotty Scott about the Rutland Water drive last weekend - not far from me and I would have loved to have come along. So I signed up so as not to miss the next one. I used to have a M100 S1 - J460BRA, which was up for sale again 6 months ago at a dealer. I thought about it, but went for a 1969 +2 instead with a christopher neal roof chop. The back seats might be handy. More pics to follow - the first six months have been fun, but now the mechanicals are in tiptop shape the cosmetics are next. I also have a 2004 Mercedes CL500, which is about
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