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  1. Would something like this do the job? https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07QXTWF2Y/
  2. Thanks guys, good to hear. I was worried I wouldn't be able to open the door wide enough to get out without smashing the crap out of the door on the wall haha
  3. Hey all, I've got a fairly small garage, 5.8m long, but only 2.75m wide. Would this be wide enough to park an S3 Elise and be able to get in and out of with the hardtop on?
  4. Just heard back from the dealer - mine will indeed have the engine cover
  5. Oh, cheers guys, that'd be good! Will check in with the dealer
  6. Hey all, As on my other thread, I've got a factory order Elise due in sometime around September. I've seen that the newer Elise's do not have the engine cover anymore which I'm not a fan of, so I wanted to know if I bought this: https://www.eliseparts.com/shop/miscellaneous/2zr-lotus-engine-cover-panel-c120e0167f/ Will that just go right on?
  7. I've quite enjoyed the Z4, but I only had the 2.0L variant (I bought the car when I was 22, and insurance restricted me to the 2.0L unfortunately). The Sport 220 I test drove really was a step up in every regard (except practicality I guess!). Might seem like a daft question - but with the engine being open to the elements, is it OK getting rained on when not in use? Or does it really need to be covered?
  8. Thanks! Bit hesistant to do anything before the car has been run-in, will just be pottering about on a daily basis to get that first service out of the way as quickly as possible. I've had a BMW Z4 for the last 6 years, completely different cars obviously but I've spun the Z4 once in the wet on a roundabout by accident as well so hopefully I've already got that out of my system 😉
  9. Thanks - gave them a ring and they said they'd sort it out for me 👍 Also asked about getting photos of it in production, they asked just to give them a nudge about it in a few weeks time and they can ask a contact at the factory. Would be nice to see! Edit: Tom at Oakmere got everything sent over for me, feels more real seeing it on paper!
  10. This is the first time I've bought a new/factory order car, just wondering if I should expect some order acknowledgment from Oakmere? They told me they'd only have this a couple of weeks before the car's due? At this point I've only given them a deposit and discussed things verbally.
  11. Will give them a whirl as well, thanks! Honestly I'm quite surprised how cheap it is to insure the Elise.
  12. Oh didn't know that - I'll email Oakmere tomorrow about it, would be nice! I'll definitely put some pictures up when I've got it. I will have like a 70-ish mile drive to do from Oakmere back to my house, I assume I should take the A roads and not the motorway due to the running in period?
  13. Hopefully when I get it in September the weather's kind to me! P.S Thanks for the tip on Aviva - just ran through a quote with them and got a very good price back!
  14. Yep got the aircon, I ummed and arhed over the hardtop but decided to go for it in the end. After I've got the running in/1000 mile service out of the way (and some practice in the car) I'd like to tag a long for sure!
  15. Thanks - I can't wait! Feel like a kid waiting for Christmas. I gave them a ring and they said they'll get back to me tomorrow with a quote. I got a few quotes from other places and insuring an Elise was much cheaper than I thought it'd be. Thanks! I saw the Metallic Orange and I wasn't overly keen, but from what I've seen of the Burnt Orange it seems to have a bit more depth to it? To be honest, I'd be excited with an Elise in any colour!
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