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  1. After starting the engine, mine goes straight to 2.5k and the goes down to 1k all within like 1-2 seconds. And then after a bit longer it'll idle at 800-900 rpm. It's just the initial spike that makes it sound like I'm being a yob and giving it some beans on startup! Yep that's exactly what I mean! Whenever I start the car it sounds like I'm doing it on purpose for attention or something haha
  2. Hey all, just wondering and potentially a daft question - when I start my Elise 220 the RPMs spike up to around 2.5k before settling down to idle. Is it normal to immediately ramp up to 2.5k before settling?
  3. Someone at the factory got a bit excited with a machine polisher and hit the windshield trim. As the windshield trim is rubber/plastic it left a permanent mark which isn't great obviously. The passenger side door release button is seized up so you can only open the passenger door from the inside. Neither problem is Oakmere's fault, and they'll be getting them sorted for me so I'm not concerned. Would have no hesitation recommending Oakmere at all! Something that may or may not be an issue is the engine is surprisingly "ticky" (can't be heard from inside the car) and also has a pretty
  4. Ah okay - looking forward to getting this running in malarkey behind me
  5. Ah, I just got ~210 miles before the low fuel light came on, obviously with pretty gentle driving seems I'm running it in. When I filled it back up, it only took 30 litres, I thought the fuel tank was 40l and the light came up with ~5l left?
  6. Anyone else with an S3 Elise - how many miles do you get from a full tank?
  7. Yep that's the one. Hadn't seen the colour in person, so it was a bit of a gamble, but I'm glad I went for it!
  8. Collected my new Elise on Friday from Oakmere. Already put 200 miles on it! Couple of issues from the factory but Tom @ Oakmere has been top as always and we'll hopefully be able to get them sorted in time for the 1k service.
  9. Absolutely love the sleeker look of the Exige roadster, especially with the hardtop.
  10. PJS have a service schedule + costs on their website: I went with the 220 purely because I preferred the looks, maybe I'm an old man at heart but the extra aero bits on the Cup don't do it for me so I wouldn't want to drop the extra cash on it (even if the price was the same I wouldn't be particularly eager to go for the Cup - but that's just me)! I should be getting it next week, if all goes to plan then it would have been just over a 3 month wait, so Jan/Feb sounds like a safe bet (providing stricter lockdown rules don't slow things down further).
  11. Personally I prefer the sleeker styling of the 220, I never felt like all the extra bits on the 250 suited the Elise. I ordered mine from Oakmere, I haven't received mine yet (should be due very soon), but they've been great. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend them!
  12. Got a call from Tom @ Oakmere today - car should be with me in a week!
  13. I guess my wait isn't so bad so far then! Just got an update from Tom @ Oakmere, looking at around the end of October, body has been painted, chassis isn't together yet but Lotus will fire over some photos when it is!
  14. Ah shouldn't be too painful. In my last car I did 3,000 miles in a year, so I'm going to have to go out of my way to get that first 1,000 miles done quickly! (aiming to get it out of the way in the first month)
  15. Thanks guys, another week down. I'm sure the guys at Oakmere are looking forward to seeing the end of my emails haha. How delicate do you have to be with the car during the 1k running in?
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